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the nerdy kitten

       Things and Stuff for Everyone


Food Art Food Art Gingerbread Childhood Home 206279460 Marzipan Cornucopia 206279461 Mardi Gras Cake 206279462 Mardi Gras Cake 206279463 Mardi Gras Cake 206279464 Molded Chocolates Dark chocolate filled with white-choco-lemon-vodka filling 206279465 Triple Choco Verrines Chocolate mousse with streusel crunch and cocoa nibs, whipped cream and chocolate deco 206279466 Layered Dessert Layers, top to bottom: White chocolate deco, raspberry sorbet, frozen mango mousse on sponge cake, coconut tapioca with basil deco, mango passion-fruit sauce. 206279467 Pate de Fruit DELICIOUS Pate de fruit (Pawt - day - froo - ee); The fruit jellies of awesomeness. Passionfruit Raspberry. 206279468 Sea Salt Caramel Hazelnut Verrine Sponge cake, praline mousse, sea salt caramel, whipped cream. 206279469 Sea Salt Caramel Hazelnut Verrine Top view 206279474 Pate Sablee Tart Pate sablee with sponge cake inside soaked with simple syrup, frozen white chocolate mousse, fresh-made raspberry jam, fresh raspberries, white chocolate deco. 206279471 Chocolate Tart Chocolate tart in almond sable, sugar-baked almond slivers, white and dark chocolate deco 206279473 Monster Cake Yay! Monster Cake. This is the entremet I decorated. The entremet innards: Praline crunch base, chocolate cake soaked with vanilla syrup, layered with chocolate mousse, covered in chocolate glaze and chocolate decos. 😃 Kind of looks like a cute little monster, and "Monster" is one of my nicknames, so I call it my "Monster Cake." 206279475 THE FINAL My plated dessert. Plated on time with a few minutes to spare! & it's Vegan! Comprised of: Chocolate Cake, Ganache, Choco-dipped as animal cookie, Lime and blueberry coulis, spun sugar bowl, cashew-lemon cheesecake-stuffed raspberries. I don't know how, but I did it in the time allotted! (Almost all you see was made today within a 2 hour window, all from scratch. Final score: 215/230 Critiques: "Needs more sauce to balance the flavors and textures. As well, it could use more crunch somewhere (the crumbs on the cheesecake berries softened during wait time to get graded, lol). Am I happy? You know it! 206279470 Fall Cupcakes 206279476