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Hello to all! Welcome to!

Welcome, Visitor!

This is the web hub of all things regarding The Nerdy Kitten herself, Moni!

What is TheNerdyKitten, you might ask? It is my brand, complete with copyrighted logo. :D (I'm very proud of that - lol!)

TheNerdyKitten... is. It is my Etsy shop where I can sell my art/hobby creations.

It is my twitch account where I can stream games for when people want to watch me jump 5 feet in the air because my cat pawed at me while playing Amnesia.

It is my Facebook page where I store my portfolio of all the art I have done/am doing/will do. It is a place full of positivity and sharing.

I hope you enjoy your visit. Please feel free to drop me a comment in the guestbook section! I love hearing hello's from the wild yonder that is the world/life/etc.

Thanks for visiting!